Community Support

Where will profits from the Festival go?

Profits from the festival will be returned to the community.


The festival organizers are not affiliated with a specific charity and as such would rather support to a variety of worthy causes in the community. 


Starting a new event can be costly, so we may not have the ability to provide donations in 2019, but hope to expand these opportunities in future years.

How else does the Festival support the community?

The festival organizers are both involved locally in Spencerport and recognize what makes Spencerport 'Someplace Special'.  

The main goals of the festival are:

  • To encourage people to participate in recreation in the Greater Rochester Area

  • To provide a new event on the west side of Rochester

These goals are especially important as Spencerport struggles with the challenges it is facing due the reconstruction of Spencerport's Main St lift bridge over a period of 18 months.

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